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1st Motor Racing Success of 2013!

2013 has gotten off to a great start for Motionsport, for whome we act as technical partner.

We were actually quite nervous about this as the Lotus was sporting a brand new engine specification which had just been calibrated and containered to the Dubai 24 hour race without any testing!

Fortunately our concerns were unjustified as the team battled to a 2nd in class victory without any engine or calibration issues whatsoever! This is it’s 3rd 24 hour endurance race without issues.

The Lotus is being packed up for the Bathurst 12 hour endurance race now, so we look forward to that!

Please contact us for if you need any help with a motorsport project.

Powertrain performance is an area of intense competition between teams and an area of regular discussion between drivers.

As specialists in the design, implementation and optimisation of high performance powertrain we can help you realise the maximum potential of your vehicles powertrain and in doing so give you the very best value for money when it comes to assigning your powertrain budget.

The extent of our involvement can range from a straight forward performance audit on a pre-existing system, a redesign of an existing system in order to bring it up to speed, or we can design you a powertrain solution from scratch in order to completely exploit the technical freedom given in any particular set of motorsport regulations.

We understand far better than most that technical data and information can be of the utmost importance when seeking a competitive edge over a motoracing opponent, we have over 25yrs of experience working within the industries strictest non-disclosure policies. Shutdown and exclusive use of our premises is an option available on request for the most sensitive development projects.

We offer trackside support for many different purposes including competition vehicle testing and optimisation, problem solving, race-day servicing and driver tuition.

We make this service available on a sub-contract basis to race teams, constructors and other race orientated companies, and also directly to competitors in order to facilitate a successful and enjoyable event.

We’re available to attend both domestic and international test tracks and race venues.