Cosworth High Pressure radiator caps – designed for highly tuned engines

Cosworth High Pressure Radiator caps are engineered to increase the boiling point in vehicles’ cooling system providing improved cooling efficiency. Each cap is manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel with a race proven high pressure valve.

The Cosworth High Pressure Radiator Cap is an essential part of an upgraded cooling system and will help to safely maximize engine performance by controlling the engine temperature at an optimum level.

Available in 3 pressure ratings:

20027840        1.1 Bar                  £22.87

20027841        1.3 Bar                  £22.87

20027842        1.5 Bar                  £22.87
Applications for all Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution vehicles and early Honda (EG/DC Civic) and pre 1995 Toyotas.

·         High strength, brushed finish heavy gauge stainless steel construction.

·         Positive retention with high strength stainless steel tabs. No more bent tabs from “high pressure” conditions as found

with mild steel caps that can lead to pressure loss causing catastrophic engine damage in the heat of competition.

·         Lasting durability and appearance unlike zinc plated mild steel versions.

·         Stainless steel construction allows for a higher relief pressure.

·         Higher than normal pressure in cooling system raises boiling point.

·         Reduces chance of boiling at elevated cooling system temperatures

·         Reduces chance of boiling in localized areas or hot spots within the system, especially around combustion chambers

(nucleate boiling)

·         Higher boiling point reduces cavitation at the water pump impeller, especially critical in engines utilizing higher than stock rev limit (water pump goes out of efficiency range).

·         Silicone gasket features superior sealing under all conditions compared to standard rubber.

·         Silicone offers a long life seal that does not wear from repetitive removal and reinstallation like standard rubber does.

Available now from principal Cosworth parts distributor Torque Developments Plc. To search for your application click on this link , select your vehicle and click on ‘Cooling Technology.’