Cosworth launches the ulimate pistons for the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engined Lotus, Celica & MR2

We’re big fans of Toyota’s awesome little 2ZZ-GE here at TDi-plc, as it’s found in some of our favourite cars, including the Lotus ELise / Exige, the Celica and the MR2. It’s also an increasingly popular choice for tuning and, as always with engine tuning, to get top results you need top quality parts – Cosworth parts!

The latest Cosworth release for the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine are forged pistons. Designed and manufactured 100% in house at Cosworth Engineering, the forged pistons use an optimised dome shape to maximise the compression ratio in combination with a design that features the most efficient use of materials.

With a wide variety of requirements in mind from turbo conversions to motorsport, the Cosworth forged Toyota 2ZZ-GE pistons are available in three compression ratio choices: 10.0:1, 12.0:1 and 14.0:1.

As well as being considerably stronger than the standard Toyota pistons, the Cosworth 2ZZ-GE forged pistons are up to 18% lighter, which helps to reduce the reciprocating mass of the engine.

A green Xylan Teflon based coating is used on the skirts of the 2ZZ-GE pistons to reduce friction. This coating also ensures that the Cosworth forged pistons are directly compatible with the Toyota engine’s metal matrix composite (MMC) liners.

The Cosworth pistons for the 2ZZ-GE come supplied with bore compatible gas nitrided piston rings, gudgeon pins and circlips. Priced at £695.00 excluding VAT, they’re available now from Torque Developments Plc. Find out more at this link: –

Cosworth forged pistons Toyota 2ZZ-GE TDi-plc