Ecutek Remapping for Nissan GT-R35, 370Z, Juke

Due to popular demand, Torque Developments International is now able to provide professional custom Ecutek remapping for the Nissan GT-R35, 370 and Juke vehicles.

Until now, most companies offering this service tend to offer a generic re-flash (which may or may not work well), whereas as we ensure that each individual car has it’s own specifically optimised ECU calbration. This is the only way to be sure that your car is tuned 100% properly for performance and safety!

Among the functions that we optimise are; boost control, air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, camshaft timing, fuel injector scaling, engine speed limit, vehicle speed limit, throttle translation, sensor scaling etc.

In addition for those wanting the ultimate Ecutek Remapping for Nissan GT-R35, 370Z, Juke, RaceROM can be implemented which offers the following custom calibration features; custom maps, 12 injector support, flex fuel strategy, valet mode, extra logging, additional traction control parameters, rolling launch control, per-mode knock control, speed density, per gear rev limit, per gear boost, boost meter display, and many others!

Every car is optimised on our 4wheel drive Rototest hub mounted chassis dynamometer, then road tested to ensure smooth drivability.

With decades of experience of being at the forefront of tuning technology since 1984, and accredited by the Institute of the Motor Industry, ATA and various educational establishments, and being the Founder of the Academy of Motorsport Sciences, you can be sure that ECU remapping cannot be done better elsewhere!

You can either buy the Ecutek licence directly from us if your car is completely standard, or we can work with your existing licence.

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In addition to Ecutek ECU remapping, we also offer the following services:

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