Fast and frugal – new Katana ECU remap for the Honda Civic 2.2 i-CDTi

Here’s one for Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi owners hungry for more urge! Torque Developments International plc has worked intensively using its extensive in house dyno testing facilities to create a high performance ‘Katana K1’ ECU remap for the popular Honda 2.2 i-CTDi diesel Civic. This affordable upgrade transforms the way the car drives, produces substantial power gains and yet retains the Honda’s famed fuel economy.

As measured on Torque Development’s Rotatest hub dyno, the Katana ECU remap sees peak power from the 2204cc 16-valve Honda increase from 134.9 bhp at 3410 rpm to 158.4 bhp at 3830 rpm, equating to a sizeable 23 bhp gain. In addition, peak torque leaps from a measured 246 lb.ft at 1880 rpm to 286.8 lb.ft at 2220 rpm, a huge jump of 40 lb.ft at the hubs.

Numerous channels of data were logged during the development process for the map, and following each dyno test proper scientific analysis was conducted before each incremental step up in performance tuning. As you’d expect from Torque Developments all critical engine health parameters have been kept within the limits of reliability, with turbo boost pressure only being increased by a modest 10% to achieve the performance increase.

In an age of record high diesel prices, the Torque Developments Katana Civic i-CDTi ECU remap has been optimised so that up until 1750 rpm the engine produces the same power and torque as standard, allowing drivers to retain the standard 53mpg combined fuel economy.

Priced at £195.00* fitted plus VAT, the Torque Developments Katana K1 ECU remap for the Honda Civic 2.2 i-CDTi is on sale now. Further upgrades, including a larger intercooler and custom remapping for the diesel Civic will be launched over the coming months. To purchase this product please click on:-