HKS FCON V Pro v3.4

HKS FCON V Pro v3.4

Torque Developments International has been tuning HKS FCON ECU’s for approximately 20 years, and is now proud to offer the latest version of HKS FCON V Pro v3.4.

They are available in the following 2 versions;

As usual the component quality is outstanding, and the latest version has additional features and functionality to make it even better.

Fuel Injector control is available up to 8 injectors. This enables setting of up to 8- cylinder engine with sequential injection system or 4-cylinder engines with twin injection system.

In addition to independent ignition control for up to 8-cylinders, rev limit control by the ignition cut-off is possible (only for race use). With this function, the boost can be maintained to the full level even while stopped before a drag racing launch.

An air fuel meter can be connected directly for use with closed loop mapping and data logging functions. User-friendliness has been taken into account.

High level fuel & ignition controls based on full signal input functions and other controls that are connected with auxiliary outputs by option output function are available.


・Accelerator position
・Intake Air Pressure
・Water Temperature
・Intake Air Temperature
・Exhaust Gas Temperature

・Fuel Temperature
・Oil Temperature
・Fuel Pressure
・Oil Pressure
・Atmospheric Air Pressure
・External A/F
・External Knocking

・Fuel Volume Correction
・Ignition Volume Correction
・Fuel Sub-correction Selection
・Ignition Sub-correction Selection
・Ignition Cut Rev Correction


・Electric Fan Relay
・Fuel Pump Relay
・NOS Relay
・A/C Relay
・Main Relay
・IC Spray
・Idle Control
・Log Status
・Anti-lag Status

・Ignition Cut (Start) Status
・Error Status
・Communication Status
・Power Source Status
・Boost Control
・Warning Rpm
・Warning A/F
・Warning Knocking
・Warning Water Temperature

・Warning Oil Temperature
・Warning Exhaust Gas Temperature
・Warning Other Pressure
・Warning Intake Air Pressure
・Warning Fuel Pressure
・Warning Oil Pressure

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We also offer a custom dyno tuning service for road and race which you can read about here