Mugen Assist Meters for Honda CR-Z

Honda’s new hybrid sports coupe is proving a hit in the showrooms and Mugen is responding to demand from owners wanting to personalise their CR-Z and enhance its performance.

The latest release from Mugen is a set of driver focussed ‘Assist Meters,’ for the hybrid sports coupe. Designed to accurately monitor water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure parameters, the Mugen Assist Meter gauges easily convey the information to the driver using conventional style analogue readouts.

However, advanced Mugen electronics technology has enabled the Assist Meters to offer considerably more user information than ordinary gauges. Via a supplied multi-function electronic control box, the Mugen Assist Meters offer CR-Z owners the following technical benefits:-

  • Preset warning light levels for water / oil temperature and oil pressure
  • Record and playback readings after driving
  • Easily view maximum readings with ‘Peak’ button and illuminated ‘Peak’ lights
  • Green back lit illumination with high visibility red needles

Developed and tested by Mugen’s Japanese engineers to OEM standards of performance and durability, the new Mugen Honda CR-Z Assist Meters are designed to sit in an angled gauge hood to ensure neat and simple installation and maximum visibility for the driver.

Supplied complete with electronic control box, sensors, wiring loom and hood, the Mugen Honda CR-Z Assist Meters are available now from principal Mugen stockist Torque Developments International Plc, costing £1579.20 including VAT @ 17.5%.