MUGEN uprated suspension kit for Honda CR-Z sports hybrid

MUGEN principal stockist and leading Japanese tuning house Torque Developments International Plc announces a high performance adjustable suspension kit that greatly enhances the already renowned handling of the Honda CR-Z hybrid sports coupe, as used on the recent MUGEN CR-Z Supercharged concept.

Designed with high speed stability, ride comfort and enthusiast driver requirements in mind, the MUGEN Honda CR-Z suspension kit features five way adjustable damping designed to suit a wide variety of conditions, varying from daily street to trackday driving.

MUGEN’s suspension engineers have invested great care in the details of the CR-Z suspension package, which features specially designed dampers incorporating large diameter (32 mm front / 30 mm rear) pistons. These offer precise, stable damping control during high and low speed frequency damper movement, making the CR-Z more consistent and predictable during spirited driving.

The MUGEN five way adjustable dampers work in combination with MUGEN developed fixed ride height springs, which lower the CR-Z between 15 and 20 mm to further improve the chassis dynamics of the car.

MUGEN’s unrivalled commitment to quality, performance and excellence with the brand means that the CR-Z five way adjustable suspension kit will be the Honda enthusiast’s choice for value, performance and desirability.
Priced at £1892.80 excluding VAT, the MUGEN Honda CR-Z five way adjustable kit is available now from Torque Developments International plc.

TDi-plc also offers a wide range of additional Honda CR-Z dynamic upgrades, including fast road geometry set ups to optimise the performance of the MUGEN suspension package.

These are available to purchase at