New Torque Developments International Web Site

A new Torque Developments International web site has just been born! As part of our 30 year celebrations we have launched a brand new web site, which incorporates the latest web technologies for ease of navigation on multiple device platforms.

We’ve made our core business competencies more prominent and introduced new ranges of tuning upgrades for road cars.

Navigation is made easier by using whichever of the four main topics you are interested in, whether it be Motorsport, Road Car Optimisation, B2B or the Academy of Motorsport Sciences.

The Motorsport section covers the all important areas of Trackside Support, Aerodynamics Development, Race Vehicle Calibration, Race Car Preparation and Optimisation, Racing Regulations Validation, Chassis Engineering and Calibration, and chassis dyno testing and optimisation. Full details of these services can be found at the following links:

The Road Car Optimisation section covers the areas of Upgrades and Parts, Chassis Optimisation, Supercar Sanctuary, Servicing and Repairs, Engine Building and Testing, ECU and Carburretor Tuning. Full details of the services can be found at the following links:

The Business to Business section covers the areas of Chassis testing and Calibration, Powertrain Testing and Control Systems, Product Distribution, Engineering Consultancy and Chassis Dyno and Dyno Cell Hire. Full details can be found at the following links:

The Academy of Motorsport Sciences section covers short educational courses in the areas of Engine Management Systems & Dyno Tuning in Theory and Practice and Advanced Engine Management Systems. New courses for Chassis Dynamics and Competition Engine Building are being compiled. Full details can be found at the following links:

Please review the new Torque developments International web site and let us have your feedback. We hope you like and look forward to hearing from you.