Nissan GT-R35 Performance Upgrade Packages

Nissan GT-R35 Performance Upgrade Packages


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new range of performance packages for the Nissan GT-R35.

As you would expect from our new GT-R35 performance upgrade packages, only the very best products from the best manufacturers are used, whilst installation and calibration is carried out by highly skilled Technicians in a clean and professional environment. The new GT-R35 performance upgrade packages are available in the entry-level S Pack, a mid-level R Pack and a top of the range X Pack, and all packages are developed holistically to include engine power, chassis and braking upgrades so that your GT-R35 performs impressively yet gracefully thereby increasing your confidence in the car whilst remaining an absolute pleasure to drive.

Please review our new GT-R35 performance upgrade packages which can be found here

Also, if you have any GT-R35 service and repair requirements, our Supercar Sanctuary department offers a cost effective alternative in a safe and professional environment.

We also have a parts shop for those wishing to purchase individual high performance components, which you can review at our shop

We hope this may be of some interest, and look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us on our Contact Us page.