3.0 Duratec Uprated Camshafts



3.0 Duratec Uprated Camshafts

Here at Torque Developments International we have been designing custom camshaft profiles for decades. The real expertise that we continue to bring over other camshaft designers is the ability to accurately match an engine’s valve movement characteristics to it’s specifications and required performance objectives.

More often than not, camshaft profiles are selected which are not ideally matched thus causing sub-optimal performance. The biggest mistake seems to me that people choose camshaft profiles on “the bigger – the better” principle which is actually incorrect. Too much valve duration for a given static compression ratio causes a loss of effective compression ration which in turn reduces engine performance.

Fortunately we have the ability with our engine performance analysis software and testing equipment to design new camshaft profiles or to select the correct ones from our existing range. This ensures optimum performance.

Our new range of Ford  3.0 Duratec Uprated Camshafts are manufactured from forged steel billets to ensure durability, and ground on CNC machines for maximum accuracy.

We offer a good range of “off the shelf” profiles that we know work well with known engine specifications, for applications from fast-road to full race, and of course we can design custom profiles for special applications too.

When you buy a set of our camshafts we will contact you to discuss your requirement.

Too see our full range of services and products please go to http://www.tdi-plc.com

For info on the Ford 3.0 V6 Duractec please go to the Wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Duratec_engine