BMW M4 Eibach Anti Roll Bars



BMW M4 Eibach Anti Roll Bars

BMW M4 Eibach Anti Roll Bars Kit for models M4, M4 Competition, CS 2014-

For over 3 decades we have been optimising chassis’ for high-performance road use and Motorsport applications using Eibach’s superb range of products.

In addition to their spring and damper kits, the Eibach anti-roll bar kits are an important tool that can be used to improve chassis performance.

Reduction of body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction
Unimpaired spring comfort at bilateral spring deflection
Decreasing the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve
Impacting the under- or over-steering tendency positively (auto-steering behavior)

Complete your suspension upgrade with an Eibach ANTI-ROLL-KIT. While the PRO-KIT and SPORTLINE spring sets are regarded as the primary suspension enhancement components, the Eibach ANTI-ROLL-KIT allows critical fine-tuning of your car’s handling characteristics.

Eibach ANTI-ROLL-KITs reduce body roll through increased design stiffness over stock bars. The result: increased handling and cornering grip in any performance-driving situation.

Manufactured from cold-formed steel alloy for precision performance, and finished with a longlasting red powder coat finish, the ANTI-ROLL-KIT comes complete with all mounting hardware.

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