GT86 HKS GT Supercharger Pro V3



GT86 HKS GT Supercharger Pro V3


Code No. 12001-KT004


GT86 HKS GT Supercharger Pro V3



supercharger kit

Supercharger kit with new layout best match with the 91 octane gasoline.




  • Matching with the 91 octane gasoline is optimized. The kit layout and supercharger setting are improved from the existing kit.
  • The engine output shows a 50% increase from the stock.
  • PULLEY UPGRADE KIT and E85 fuel + upgraded fuel part enable the engine to output 90% more compared to the stock.
    RON 91 gasoline spec. 255HP (+80HP of the stock)
    E85 fuel + Pulley Upgrade kit + Fuel Pump + Injector. 320HP (+150HP of the stock)
    ※Pulley Upgrade Kit, fuel pump, and injector are available separately.
  • This kit is designed exclusively for 86/FR-S/BRZ. All necessary installation parts are included in the kit.



power vs engine speed graph




Code No.ProductPriceRemarks
12002-KK003V-Ribbed Belt 2160For repair 6PK2160
12002-KK004V-Ribbed Belt 2135For repair 6PK2135
12002-KK102GT2-7040L Overhaul (FR-S)For repair Only Supercharger




VehicleClassificationModelEngineModel YearS/C SIZECode No.ManualRemarks
86ZN6FA2012/04 –GT2-7040L12001-KT004pdfEngine management part is not included. (Resetting of fuel & ignition is required.)

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HKS has been conducting various businesses. Design, development, and manufacturer of automobile parts including original exhaust systems and suspension, turbocharger, electronic parts, and related parts are mainstream.
Development of race engine and ultralight plane engine are also highly regarded. Furthermore, by utilizing the technology accumulated through development of the gasoline engine parts, modification of a diesel engine to convert to a natural gas engine and development of the Bi-fuel system development have carried out. HKS continues to challenge new business from now on.


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