HKS FCON V Pro v4.0 + Power Writer 42012-AK006



HKS FCON V Pro v4.0 + Power Writer 42012-AK006

Includes Power Writer software for self mapping.

Multi-function & Improved Reliability

  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Power supply stabilization
  • Overcurrent protective circuit reinforcement


  • Multi-function stand-alone computer that enables advanced engine management for high-level professional tuners
  • Hardware with many input and output ports, software for flexible settings, harness that are easy to install, and Power Writer’s user interface are provided by utilizing accumulated know-how.


  • Analog Voltage Input
    Throttle opening, water temp., air temp., and etc., 0 to 5V sensor can be input up to 20 channels.
  • A/F, Knocking Input
    Connecting the A/F sensor (* option parts required) or knock sensor enables to measure the linear A/F or knock level.
  • Built-in Air Pressure Sensor
    Air pressure sensor is built-in to provide stable control under various environment conditions.
  • Fuel & Ignition Control
    Independent output control up to 8 channels, and sequential control is available up to 8 cylinders.
  • DC Motor Output
    Controlling the electronic control throttle of DC motor type, which is widely used for the stock automobiles, is available up to 2 channels.
  • Other Output Control
    Controlling the valve timing of HKS V-CAM system or stock system and boost pressure (※Option parts are required.) is available.
    Also, controlling the output up to 22 channels, relay, and warning notice is possible under an optional condition.
  • Built-in Log Data Memory
    8MB of memory to save the log data is available.


Mapping in real time (which is generally not possible using re-flash systems) allows for accurate and efficient mapping for all situations from simple “boost up” to full tuning applications. Data logging is also made possible for further feedback


  • This product is available only for F-CON dealers.
  • The existing vehicle specific harness can be used by connecting the provided conversion harness.
  • The initial data is not preprogrammed. Setting by F-CON dealer is required.
  •  F-CON V Pro does not include any pre-set data. Setting by an F-CON DEALER is required.

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