4G63 HKS 2.3 Stroker Kit Step 2 – 21004-AM005



4G63 HKS 2.3 Stroker Kit Step 2 – 86.00mm Pistons – 21004-AM005

The best way to increase torque is to lengthen the stroke of the engine. The HKS stroker kit includes a crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons.

Capacity Upgrade Kit 4G63 2.3L KIT
* The actual products might be different from the picture.

HKS offers the capacity upgrade kit with racing specifications for a reasonable price. Redesign of the connecting rods and crankshaft allows the tremendous quality of this kit. This HKS’ high-quality and authentic capacity upgrade kit provides a higher engine response.


<POINT-1> Great Effect on Driving Performance!
 This kit increases the 4G63 engine displacement from 1,997cc to 2,231cc (Step 2).
Increased displacement makes a remarkable torque difference which enables the installation of the larger capacity turbocharger.
<POINT-2> “Racing Specifications” at Competitive Price!
Redesign of the connecting rod and crankshaft can improve the cost performance of this kit so this kit can be affordable for more customers.
<POINT-3> All Made In Japan!
HKS strictly supervises processing, inspection, packaging in its facility, from shipping to the warehouse. HKS guarantees the best quality of the products.
<Connecting Rods>
After analysis by CAE and in-house tests, the rod’s shape was redesigned, and the surface processing & materials were optimized to reduce the manufacturing cost and maintain the product performance and quality.
After analysis by CAE and in-house tests, the rod’s shape was redesigned to reduce the cost and to maintain the product performance and quality at the same time. The weight was sharply trimmed to the stock weight + 1kg for higher engine response and environment-friendly.


ContentsHKSStock (IV~VIII)
(1) Cylinder LayoutL4L4
(2) Bore x Strokeφ85.5×96φ85×88
(3) Total Displacement2204.7cc1997.4cc
(4) Capacity / cylinder551.2cc499.4cc
(5) Compression Ratioε=9.1 (t=1.0mm G/K)
ε=9.0 (t=1.2mm G/K)
ε=8.7 (t=1.6mm G/K)
ε=8.8 (t=1.2mm G/K)
1. Output / Strength (In-house test results)
Internal Engine Bench Test
Power: 500ps, RPM:7000rpm
Strength and durability tests showed no performance drop.
2. Piston
Molybdenum coated piston skirts to allow better initial-fitness and friction reduction.
Piston diameter is 0.5mm oversize from standard which is ideal for users who have concerns about block strength with large bore pistons. This also allows the block to be used again with 86mm pistons making it an economical option.
3. Crankshaft
HKS’ newly designed light weighted crankshaft is used to allow better engine response.
4. Connecting Rod
HKS’ newly designed H-beam connecting rods for 4G63 are used.
5. Other machining
(1) Cylinder Boring and honing is required due to 0.5mm oversized pistons
(2) No Block clearance modifications are necessary for larger stroke crank


  • A 4G63 Capacity Upgrade Kit based on feedback from the “Carbon EVO” CT230R
  • HKS has chosen a 2.3L kit (2231cc) rather than the conventional 2.2L making this kit suitable for large turbo applications.
  • Suggested power limit: 500ps Torque: 60kgm. Anything above this can decline the block durability
  • Newly designed H-beam connecting rods and lightweight crankshaft are included.
  • Pistons have nickel plated tops, and the skirt is “oval coated” to improve anti-knocking properties and reduce friction.
  • Compression ratio: ε=9.0 (1.2mm gasket)

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