SR20DET Toda Racing Forged Pistons



SR20DET Toda Racing Forged Pistons


SR20DET Silvia, 180SX
Defric coating (Lubricous film) is applied to the piston skirt, for a reduction in friction and loads as well as improved durability.

SR20DET Forged Piston KIT
Engine TypeSR20DETSR20DET
Part No.13010-SR2-0T013020-SR2-0T0
Price (set)£850£850
Crown Volume *1-13.0cc/-13.0cc-13.0cc/-13.0cc
Projection Height *2±0mm±0mm
Reference C/R *3Standard head GKξ≈8.4:1Standard head GKξ≈8.6:1
*1:Crown volume is measured “from the piston shoulder”/”from the deck of the block”.
*2:Piston shoulder height is measured from the deck of the block.
*3:The compression ratios given above are only to be taken as a guide, measurements are required.

TODA Racing was established in 1970 in Okayama Japan as a maintenance company for racing vehicles and engines. Since its inception, company activities have grown to include manufacturing and development of racing engines for various forms of Japanese motorsports, ranging from Formula 3 to GT300. The experience gained in the realm of professional motorsports is applied to all TODA Racing products available to consumers.
With over 30 years of experience, TODA Racing has grown to become one of Japan’s premiere race engineering and manufacturing companies. TODA’s team of experienced racing engineers use the latest product design, manufacturing, and testing equipment available like the IBM CATIA CAD/CAM/CAT system.

TODA Racing uses the latest design and manufacturing equipment to produce TODA products. All product design is carried out using the IBM CATIA (CAD/CAM/CAE) which is the same system used by Honda, Boeing, Ferrari, and other high technology manufacturers.

All TODA products are manufactured in-house by TODA. Having an in-house manufacturing capability means there are no compromises in design or manufacturing. Product testing is carried using advanced analytical software, engine bench testing (engine dyno), and race testing.

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