NSX Toda Racing Valve Springs



NSX Toda Racing Valve Springs

TODA valve springs allow maximum lift while preventing valve float, which can occur under high rpm, high lift conditions. Their specific spring rate prevents damage to TODA camshafts, which may occur as a result of using valve springs that are too stiff. Valve springs that are too stiff may also put additional stress on the timing belt and cause shredding and breakage. TODA valve springs are oval shaped, which increase load capacity by 20% and reduce weight by 15% compare with conventional round shaped valve springs.


-The need for increased performance has lead TODA RACING to design a single progressive coil spring to replace the STD double valve springs. As well as allowing valve lifts of up to 2.5mm, the material and the coil springs natural frequency have all been optimized.
Egg shaped springs are used to achieve the required high lifts safely.
-Can be used up to 12.5 mm of lift.

C30A/C32B/TODA C35B Up Rated Valve Springs
Part No.14750-NSX-001
cautionWe recommend the used of Toda Up Rated Valve Springs to prevent coil binding and or broken springs.

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