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Syvecs Approves the Academy of Motorsport Sciences. High level ECU manufacturer Syvecs now approves the training courses at the Academy of Motorsport Sciences.

Known for it’s range of very high level stand-alone and “plug & play” ECU solutions, we are very pleased to welcome Syvecs on board as a technical partner.

Torque Developments International has supplied, installed and calibrated many Syvecs ECU’s on almost every type of vehicle application including very high level Motorsports. We also use a Svecs S6 as a training tool for our short training courses at the Academy of Motorsport Sciences.

Torque Developments International offers peer to peer service provision of it’s VPA-R chassis dynamometer system and sound proofed and ventilated test cell.

This is an ideal solution for those industry professionals seeking very high quality dyno facilities, without having to make the capital investment themselves.Our dyno is available to rent with or without an operator, on an hourly, half-day or daily basis to suit your requirements.

ROTOTEST Chassis Dynamometer Features:

  • Constant speed Keeps a constant speed (rpm, mph, etc). The throttle adjusts the torque. Used for ECU calibration (fuel mapping, ignition timing), comparison of manufacturer specifications, etc.
  • Constant torque Keeps a constant torque. The throttle adjusts the speed.
  • Sweep Accelerates at a constant predefined rate (up or down) between two set points.
  • Road resistance simulation Simulates road resistance caused by aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance and incline.
  • Active Inertia™ Simulates real-world accelerations defined by inertia, aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance. All dyno testing is done in our sound-proofed and ventilated test cell.

ROTOTEST VPA-R9 2WD Specification

  • Braking power 1100kW (1475 imp hp)
  • Braking wheel torque 4600Nm (3393 lb-ft)
  • Vehicle speed 404 kph (251 mph)

ROTOTEST VPA-R95 4WD Specifications

  • Braking power 1700kW (2280 imp hp)
  • Braking wheel torque 8200Nm (6048 lb-ft)
  • Vehicle speed 330 kph (205 mph)

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