TODA Racing S2000 Torquie-kun 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold
TODA Racing is delighted to launch a new version of its TODA Racing S2000 Torquie-kun exhaust manifold.
The results of a continuous development program, the TODA ‘Torquie-Kun’ exhaust manifold is so called because it significantly increases the mid range torque of the S2000’s F20 or F22C engine at expense of a small amount of peak power compared to the standard TODA exhaust manifold, which has already proved popular in competition.
Key features of the new TODA ‘Torquie-Kun’ S2000 exhaust manifold include:- 
  • CNC machined manifold / cylinder head flange 
  • Lightweight stainless steel construction
  • Equal length 4-2-1 design
  • All pipe lengths, angles and diameters are dyno optimised
  • 45mm diameter headers with 50mm diameter primaries
  • High gas flow joints to ensure maximum performance
  • 60mm collector pipe with Lambda probe fitting
  • Compatible with standard Honda catalyst

Dyno testing has proven that compared to original Honda header (and in conjunction with a remapped ECU) the TODA ‘Torquie-Kun’ S2000 exhaust manifold adds up 20 bhp and 20 lb.ft of torque in the mid range, with a slight increase in peak power.

This makes the ‘Torquie-kun’ perfect for the European fast road and trackday market where torque and tractability are vitally important, as these factors help improve the overall driveability of the car.

Suitable for AP1 and AP2 versions of the Honda S2000 using the F20C and F22C engine, the new Torquie-Kun’ exhaust manifold is available now from TODA Europe (a division of TDi-plc) priced at £1169.13 including VAT @ 17.5%.


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