Toyota GT86 EcuTek Mapping

Toyota GT86 EcuTek mapping

Torque Developments International is well known for producing the most impressive Toyota upgrades since 1984. We are now pleased to announce our Toyota GT86 EcuTek custom mapping service.

Key to unlocking maximum performance in any vehicle, is optimisation of it’s ECU calibration. Over the years, Torque Developments international has gained unparalleled experience in just how to extract every last drop of performance whilst maintaining a healthy barrier for engine safety.

Whether trying to get the best out of the standard car or maximising a highly modified engine, ECU optimisation is absolutely critical. Leading ECU developer Ecutek has released it’s EcuTek ProECU which retains the OEM ECU and allows the tuning parameters to be edited and optimised.

The functions are too numerous to list here so please go to the Ecutek web site to see;

Also available at no extra cost is the RaceROM upgrade which provides many additional features that you can see on the above link and on the video below.

Other firms to tend to use generic re-flash tuning files (done on someone else’s car) because it’s easier/cheaper for them to do so. We only offer custom unique calibrations on our Rototest hub-mounted chassis dyno to suit each specific car, so that we can guarantee that it is 100% perfect!

We are the Founders of the Academy of Motorsport Sciences and are endorsed by the Institute of the Motor Industry, ATA and several educational institutions, so you can be sure that you’re in safe and professional hands!

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