Engine Building and Blueprinting Training Course

Engine Building For Performance & Reliability

This engine building training course is ideal for those seeking to understand the theory and processes, and gain the tactile skills of successfully building an engine for performance and reliability.

About the Engine Building & Blueprinting For Performance & Reliability (C2.1) Training Course

Day 1 – The Classroom

Introduction to engine building and blueprinting

A look at component metallurgy – why forgings are better than castings

The importance of precision and accuracy

ISO 9001 documentation – why and how

Understanding metric and imperial units

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Tools of the trade – everything you must have access to

Machining – the processes you must have access to

Fasteners – understanding clamping force, the difference between studs and bolts, and the importance of the correct lube.

Engine clearances and tolerances – possibly the most important difference between success and failure, and what many people get wrong!

Day 2 – The Workshop

Engine preparation – everything that must be done prior to assembly

Engine assembly – go through the many processes required to successfully build an engine for performance and reliability


Learning Outcomes

Understanding the tools and equipment required

Understanding the processes required for successful engine performance and reliability

Certificate of completion

Interested in signing up for the Engine Building & Blueprinting For Performance & Reliability training course?
£695 plus vat as part of an 8 person group,
£2195 plus vat for personal tuition. Finance is available to UK citizens (subject to status).Sign up now