Handling Dynamics


Chassis Performance Upgrades

“The chassis must feel right because a sports car is a fun machine, a joy to use that when used properly is a life-affirming experience.”

– Sam Borgman – Techincal Director at Torque Developments

We have been helping people to build their perfect four wheel companions since 1983, doing this has taught us that when helping to build an enthusiast’s personal idea of perfection listening to driver feedback is literally everything when it comes to generating the perfect handling dynamics.

We understand that to achieve the very best results for our clients we must pay careful attention to the all-important link between the human and the machine, how the car feels in the driver’s hands as they offer the steering towards an apex, how the chassis communicates whilst it smoothly checks back into line with a wrist-flick of opposite lock, we start to focus on this key aspect very early on in the car building process.

We have learned that when it comes to real sports cars and real car enthusiasts this tight bond with the machine is every bit as important or perhaps even more important than the ability of the vehicle to set a lap record around a racing circuit.


When it comes to improving a chassis we like to start by talking to the driver first and foremost, by talking with the driver we can understand what the end goal should look and feel like. It’s once we have this clear target of just what it is we are looking to achieve with a given chassis that we can bring out our big guns in terms of chassis development tools.


Here at Torque Developments we offer the complete range of services ranging right the way from clean sheet whole vehicle design on one extreme, right the way across to considered and insightful advice on a geometry setup or a tyre choice for your vehicle.

Just some of the Chassis Dynamics services we offer;

Chassis modelling – We can build mathematical models of existing chassis to better understand the nuances of a given design

Complete chassis and suspension system design

Redesigning of front or rear suspension sub-systems to suit a pre-existing chassis

Spring rate advice and selections

Anti roll bar rate advice and design optimisations

Suspension arm/link design, optimisation and modelling

Suspension geometry settings both static and kinematic

Limited slip differential advice and optimisation

Tyre advice, size and shape, construction and compounds

Roll cage and other chassis reinforcements, design and advice

Chassis Dynamics equipment and facilities

Whole Chassis design modelling and evaluation software

Tyre simulation and modelling software

Corner weight measuring equipment with flat patch

Vehicle dynamic performance measuring equipment

Snap-on 3D Arago optical chassis alignment jig

For those interested in Chassis Performance Upgrades and Fast Road Setups, our Optimum G certified expert has prepared an interesting white paper here.

For those interested in the science behind this subject, Sam Borgman our Technical Director has written an excellent white paper which you can read here

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