motorsport chassis engineering

Motorsport Chassis Engineering

Torque Developments International boasts a comprehensive understanding of chassis dynamics, enabling it to evaluate, enhance and improve high performance and racing car dynamic behaviours via a programme of Motorsport chassis engineering and optimisation.


Torque Developments provides precise and effective chassis solutions for applications from a simple spring and damper combination to a clean-sheet suspension design, as well as production car optimisation for specific motorsport purposes.


Chassis Dynamics Capabilities 

Inertia matching: Optimising the vehicle’s wheelbase to its mass and moment of yaw

Spring and damper optimisation

Anti roll bar optimisation

Suspension arm/link design and optimisation

Geometry calibration

Limited slip differential optimisation

Tyre evaluation

Roll cage implementation

Chassis Dynamics Facilities

Chassis design/ evaluation software

Corner weight measuring equipment

Vehicle dynamic performance measuring equipment

Arago V3D chassis alignment equipment




For those interested in the science behind this subject, Sam Borgman our Technical Director has written an excellent white paper which you can read here


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