fundamentals of engine performance

Engine Performance Training Course

Intermediate Level: Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engine Performance A3.1

This engine performance training course launched in December 2019  in order to bring a better understanding of the forces at play in torque generation, performance optimisation, and the constraints involved in 4 stroke internal combustion engines.

Designed for individuals and groups seeking to better understand how a 4 stroke engine produces torque, how to increase it’s performance and to mitigate the constraints to higher output.

The course duration is half a day so makes it ideal to combine with one of our other courses!

A completion certificate is provided.


Day 1 – The classroom

An introduction to the training course and a run through of the subjects covered.

A run-through of the basic functions of the 4 stroke IC engine

Understanding the principle of energy transformation

A look at the different types of energy in play , and how to optimise them

Understanding the ways to increase engine output

An explanation of the constraints to improving engine output


Learning Outcomes

Understanding how 4 stroke internal combustion engine generate torque as an output

Understanding how to improve the performance of 4 stoke internal combustion engines

 Understanding the constraints to improving the performance 4 stroke internal combustion engines.


Additional Learning

Engine Management Systems and Dyno Tuning in Theory and Practice

Advanced Engine Management Calibration

Accelerated Learning Programme

Institute of the Motor Industry

Institute of the Motor Industry

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£195 plus vat as part of an 8 person group,
£545 plus vat for personal tuition. 0% finance is available to UK citizens (subject to status).
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