HKS UK Dealer

HKS UK Dealer

HKS UK Dealer Without doubt, HKS was  one of the first high-performance and racing manufacturing companies in the world to offer OEM-quality components to the after-market industry. This was truly game-changing for us as a relatively new company back in

honda k20 stroker kits

S2000 F20C Stroker Kits

S2000 F20C Stroker Kits For sure, the introduction of the F20C engine in 1999 was a game changer! Available in various formats to suit the worldwide markets, depending on the specifications it made between 237hp/203Nm and 247hp/21Nm in production vehicles,

honda k20 stroker kits

Honda K20A Stroker Kits

Honda K20A Stroker Kits The Honda K20 engine is absolutely legendary for its reliability and incredible performance over a wide engine operating speed range. Not only in its original Honda Civic chassis, but it’s very popular as a transplant into

race track support service

Race Track Support Service

Race Track Support Service We’ve been actively involved in Motorsport for decades, from Club type to the very highest professional levels., and we offer track-side support for all manner of engine and transmission control systems, power distribution systems and digital

Mountain Pass Performance UK

Mountain Pass Performance UK As you may know, we’ve been optimising the performance of Motorsport and high-performance road cars since 1984, but now it’s time to turn our attention to the inevitable electrification of cars in order to remain relevant

hks flash editor tuning

HKS Flash Editor Tuning

       HKS Flash Editor Tuning. As you may or may not know, we were the 1st HKS dealer in Europe dating back to the late 1980’s  so have considerable experience with Japanese cars, HSK products and their FCON

BMW M4 Geometry FRS

BMW M4 Geometry FRS Fast Road Setup

BMW M4 Geometry FRS Fast Road Setup Aside from being certified in Chassis Dynamics by Prodrive and Optimum G, our actual hands-on experience of improving the speed and enjoyment of Motorsport and high-performance road cars spans decades! In our opinion,

Mustang 4.6 Modular Forged Engine

Mustang 4.6 Modular Forged Engine Here’s our story about rebuilding a Mustang 4.6 litre 3 valve engine using uprated forged internal components which are much stronger than the original Ford counterparts. For those wishing to “cut to the chase” and

FRS Fast Road Setup

FRS Fast Road Setup “FRS” is an acronym that’s widely used for Fast Road Setup, which is a term that’s used to apply non-standard suspension geometry settings in order to achieve better chassis handling/performance from the car. Perhaps you have

ford mondeo tuning

Ford Mondeo Tuning

Ford Mondeo Tuning Anyone wanting to cut to the chase and see what high-performance and racing components we offer for the Mondeo, please see the link at the bottom of this page. You may have noticed that we’ve deviated into

Ford Custom Remapping

Ford Custom Remapping for European and USA Models For those looking for much more than a generic remap! Hopefully you’ll be aware of our provenance in tuning the very highest levels of race car engines over the last 35+ years.

Stand-Alone ECU vs OEM ECU Tuning

Stand-Alone ECU vs OEM ECU Tuning Here’s another example of a fairly regular occurrence that we get to see. Generic ECU remaps that fail to perform properly. In this example it’s a standard Porsche 997 GT2 Turbo that had been

ford mustang tuning

Mustang ECU Mapping

Ford Mustang Tuning      Our foray into the world of Ford Mustang ECU Mapping came about when we were asked by members of a Mustang owners club to perform some performance validation tests on our Rototest hub dyno, which

mclaren 570s handling upgrade

McLaren 570S Handling Upgrade

McLaren 570S Handling Upgrade     We were invited by a regular client to cast our eyes over his new acquisition – McLaren 570S. We’d previously made significant improvements to his Aston Martin Vantage V12 and Nissan GT-R35, so we were