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Chassis Testing and Calibration Services

Torque Developments International has built an enviable reputation for it’s chassis testing and calibration services within the Motorsport and high-performance road car markets.

Gaining an In-depth understanding of the physics at play whilst a chassis is in operation is the first step in being able to utilise it properly, and also to focus the chassis performance characteristics for the job at hand.

Our engineers have the high-end equipment and the skills at their disposal necessary to measure and resolve your vehicle’s chassis right back to its base physical properties in order to better facilitate fault diagnosis, problem-solving  and uncover  then release previously hidden vehicle performance.

With the expectations of both clients and sponsors higher than ever, the pressure to advance any given chassis set-up towards optimal in a very short time period is immense, let us give you a headstart and with it a competitive advantage.

We are familiar with all forms of Motorsport applications and have been able to work wonders on high-performance road cars.

We are available to help in many different ways from individual owners looking to optimise and get the best out of their road car, through to Motorsport teams and commercial projects.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how our chassis testing and calibration services may be able to help you.

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