chassis dyno testing and optimisation

A deep understanding of motorsport vehicle performance is the foundation of any successful modern racing team.

The trend in recent years has been for the costs of competitive motorsport to rise steadily, increasing the pressure from sponsors and other invested parties who all too often look for immediate results from a motorsport program.

This all sits against a backdrop in which the amount of time being allotted for pre-season testing is reducing on average. The pressure to not make a technical mistake which affects the team’s longer-term performance prospects and the consequent return on investment for the motorsport project has never been higher.


It is no secret that modern racing vehicles have become increasingly complex. At the same time the designs of the race vehicles are becoming better honed, meaning that not only are potential performance gains getting incrementally smaller, potential gains also have more places around the vehicle in which to hide.

Here at Torque Developments International we pride ourselves on being up to date with the very latest in cutting edge technology for control systems, data acquisition, and powertrain assemblies.

This willingness to embrace the latest  advancements combined with a keen sense of scale, means we are perfectly positioned to be able to advise you on just how best to invest your development budget, whether it be a long term strategy or on a compressed time scale operation.

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