Performance Car Servicing and Repairs

At Torque Developments International we undertake all types of servicing and repairs on a wide variety of performance, prestige and Motorsport cars. From a simple engine service through to sophisticated electronic diagnostics and major sub-assembly rebuilds, all performance car servicing and repairs are carried out to professional ISO9001 and ATA standards.

Among the services Torque Developments International offers are:

Scheduled maintenance and servicing to manufacturers’ specifications

Suspension rebuilds and optimisation

Engine rebuilds and blue-printing

Braking system rebuilds and servicing

Diagnostics and fault finding


performance car servicing and repairs

Torque Developments International technical staff are highly trained and maintain Continuing Professional Development programmes in order to ensure full knowledge of emerging technologies and processes.

Among the qualifications held are:

Academy of Motorsport Sciences

Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)

EFi University (Advanced)

ATA (Diagnostic Technician, Master Technician)

Prodrive (Chassis Dynamics Certification)



Torque Developments International professional corporate alliances include:


Motorsport Industry Association. (MIA)

Institute of the Motor Industry. (IMI)

Society of Automotive Engineers. (SAE)

The Centre for Engineering and Mechanical Excellence.

“I have been modify cars on and off for 30 years. As I have become older and wiser, I have moved away from the artisan tuning business and the risks they pose. TDi are a profession PLC which have the technical depth and breadth of services in one place. They have technical expertise used by top race teams, a full time staff ordering parts, an engine build clean room, a dyno cell and all the advanced equipment you would expect. Another value add is their contacts with out-sourced specialist, fabricator’s, exhaust manufacturers etc. which means you can often get the whole project completed by TDi on time. I have been using TDi for over two years, and although they know me very well, they always insisting in completing a log-in card, stating what I want them to do, so there are no misunderstandings on both sides. TDi also bill me every time I get to a pre set spending limit, so there are no big surprises or bills at the completion of larger projects. When I leave my car with TDi, I am confident that it will be completed to my satisfaction, to the highest standards and will be ready at the agreed time. My car will be safe and secure, fully insured.”
Simon North - MD Repsole


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