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Torque Developments International is a well respected automotive engineering consultancy with deep core skills in the specialist niches of Powertrain Systems, Chassis Dynamics, Aerodynamics and Electronic Systems.

With over 30 years of experience at the leading edge of automotive technologies, and the ISO9001 control systems of a larger firm but with the agility and flexibility of a smaller firm, we aim to exceed your expectations of an automotive engineering consultancy. Torque Developments was established in around 1984 as a specialist automotive engineering operation to fulfil a demand for a high level of technical and practical expertise within the racing and high-performance road car sectors.

Our people are committed to providing outstanding value for money through quality engineering solutions focused on high performance, high efficiency, niche market product innovation and robust strategic implementation. We use only the very best and latest equipment, and employ a skilled and motivated team who are trained and experienced at the highest levels of Motorsport. These levels of capabilities are quite rare outside of very highly funded structures, so it is with great pride that we can offer them on a peer-to-peer basis and to the general public at affordable prices.

We are also able to act as an independent expert witness in cases of legal disputes in which a high degree of impartial technical expertise is required.

Whether your requirement is a new engineering project or a review of an existing project, please review our value propositions and capabilities below.

Our Value Propositions:

Engineering project consultant

Engineering project main or sub-contractor

Product evaluation and sign – off

Professional Expert Witness

Our Capabilities;

Vehicle Dynamometer Testing

Motorsports Chassis Engineering

Motorsports Aerodynamics

Motorsport Preparation

Motorsport Vehicle Performance

Motorsport Regulations Testing and Enforcement

High-Performance Engine Building and Testing

Chassis Performance and Handling Dynamics

ECU Remapping and Carburettor Tuning 

Powertrain Testing and Control Systems

Chassis Testing

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