Some recent Torque Developments International reviews:

Mr Daniel Enticknap – BMW M4 owner with our Fast Road Setup:

I had a brief drive back via the scenic route.  My first thoughts are that I am really very impressed.  I ran the car in ‘drive’ while in traffic, which that was largely as you would expect, but there was certainly more feel, even at low speeds.  It was nice to feel a road under the wheels rather than air and the odd bump.  Eventually I managed my way to the A13 and using the following settings:

Throttle: Supersport

Suspension: Sport

Steering: Comfort

Gear shift: S2

TC: On (It was raining)

I accelerated hard.  Wow.  No fuss, no dramas, no TC interference (that I could sense) and the car tracked straight.  Shifting gear using full acceleration again caused no dramas, but still gave me that shove in the back that makes you think you’re a bit special.  Another welcome change was that the car remained more level under acceleration, there being much less dynamic weight transfer to the rear (which was unwelcome and unnerving, to say the least).  Fast cornering saw less body roll, and the car gave me the confidence to push on.

I took the car to a road where it had previously felt horrible (by this time I was running the car’s suspension in Comfort mode) and it dealt with the off camber, poorly surfaced, right hand corner that previously had me wincing (and not just in this car) with more control and feel.  On another section of road where in the past the car would have been stepping out under acceleration, nothing.  It just went fast, in a straight line, as you would want.

Another advantage was that running the suspension in Comfort mode no longer made me feel car sick.  Not really the point of the exercise but a nice bonus.  Additionally the ride is unaffected, and if anything, better.  Also, it no longer looks like a monster truck.

The overriding opinion is of a car that you can now feel the road through, that has lost all of it’s spitefulness, does not become unsettled and now has actual mechanical grip.  Perhaps it has lost a little of the dartiness the front end had (and I do mean a little) but that is no bad thing and if that is the case, actually, it’s all the better for it as the car is now super stable rather than becoming unsettled yet still has super sharp responses.

Job well done and money well spent.

Thank you,

Mr Paul Golding, LOTDR:

“We’re absolutely delighted that TDI (Torque Developments International) will be continuing their valued support of all three LOTRDC run race series in 2012.
Having been at the heart of policing all three Lotus series in 2011: the all new Lotus Cup UK Championship, the hugely successful Lotus Cup Europe and the Elise Trophy it’s important that we have continuity in the way regulations and especially power are policed. Over the last four years TDI have gained a reputation amongst the Lotus Motorsport fraternity for their knowledge, accuracy and professionalism to a point where they are recognised as the experts at not just producing a level playing field for drivers who want to compete but at mapping cars for performance and reliability something that is becoming more important with the longer races Lotus Cup UK in particular is providing.
We look forward to working alongside TDI for Lotus Cup UK and the Elise Trophy in 2012. While Lotus Motorsport are also looking forward to again working with TDI for Lotus Cup Europe as series that is owned by Group Lotus, policed by Lotus Motorsport and run on their behalf by LoTRDC.”

Mr Andrew Marsh, Maidstone Sports Cars Ltd

“Maidstone Sports Cars has been using Torque Developments International as a technical partner for over 6 years and have been more than satisfied with the technical expertise and professionalism offered by TDI during this period.

Mr Shahin Fard, Team GTR

“Team GTR has been using Torque Developments International for over five years. With their extensive experience in motorsport and road car optimisation they are our preferred partner for engine building and mapping. Utilising their chassis optimisation experience we’ve seen a step improvement in the handling characteristics of our cars. The most recent work is a complete RB26/30 engine build producing in excess of 1000bhp of reliable RB power. ”

Mr Chris Randall, Hoffmans Motorsport

“TDI have been exclusively mapping my own cars and my customers cars for a number of years now.  Their methodical and scientific approach to their work is what impresses me most along with their excellent equipment and facilities.  They have taken on some very complex projects for me on tight schedules and have never failed to deliver.  I have entrusted them with mapping a 950bho Group-C Nissan which took the lead of the first race it performed in subsequently and they have done all the mapping and engine support on my own Lotus Europa race car which has proven to be a dominant, race winning force in the GT Cup Championship as well as Lotus on Track.  I would recommend their services very highly”

Mr Simon North, MD at Repsole

“I have been modify cars on and off for 30 years. As I have become older and wiser, I have moved away from the artisan tuning business and the risks they pose. TDi are a profession PLC which have the technical depth and breadth of services in one place. They have technical expertise used by top race teams, a full time staff ordering parts, an engine build clean room, a dyno cell and all the advanced equipment  you would expect. Another value add is their contacts with out-sourced specialist, fabricator’s, exhaust manufacturers etc. which means you can often get the whole project completed by TDi on time. I have been using TDi for over two years, and although they know me very well, they always insisting in completing a log-in card, stating what I want them to do, so there are no misunderstandings on both sides. TDi also bill me every time I get to a pre set spending limit, so there are no big surprises or bills at the completion of larger projects. When I leave my car with TDi, I am confident that it will be completed to my satisfaction, to the highest standards and will be ready at the agreed time. My car will be safe and secure, fully insured.”

Mr James Grange, Licensed Aircraft Engineer/Airline Pilot.

“I have used Torque Developments International’s services for almost 20 years now, and being an Aircraft Engineer and familiar with technical matters I am able to say with complete certainty that you will find no better company for all your motoring needs.  With complete and utter dedication to every project, all the work is carried out by friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable staff using state of the art equipment, in the cleanest workshop I have ever seen. They continue to impress me with their ability to deliver outstanding results, and it is for these reasons that without hesitation or reservation I will continue to take my cars there for many years to come.”

David Wilson – Lotus Racing

“I just wanted to say thank you to you for the support from Shaun and Dennis at the weekend. The guys worked really hard and did and extremely professional job. I couldn’t have wished to work with 2 better people. Please pass on my thanks to them. I look forward to working with them again.”

Simon Phillips – Motionsport Ltd.

“During 2011 we competed in the Britcar GTN Production championship with a purpose build endurance specification Lotus Elise. From the very start of the project we wanted to ensure that we had the very best partners to ensure that we could meet the high demands of endurance racing. With the level of experience that the team at Torque Developments International has, the decision to bring them on board as technical partners was a very simple one. They provided us with a wealth of expertise from specifying and designing the build through to track side technical support throughout the season. The real proof is in the fact that we won the Class 1 Championship in our first year. You don’t do that by luck. We look forward to working with the team at TDI through 2012 and onwards.”

Adrian Lawson – Institute of the Motor Industry

The IMI represents thousands of professional members worldwide within the automotive industry, and we require our members to undergo continuous professional development (CPD) in order to maintain their status within our Professional Register. We are pleased to include Torque Developments International and their Academy of Motorsport Sciences into our authorised CPD delivery partner programme, alongside vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and Scania. The topics covered are highly niche and have been very well received by our members, represent good value for money and enable access to state-of-the-art equipment and specialist knowledge that would otherwise be impossible for most.

Adrian Lawson
Education Programme and Partnership Manager
The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)