Motorsport Regulations
Motorsport regulations can be a very contentious issue, one that can be problematic for organisers and competitors alike! Torque Developments International has considerable experience in providing robust, transparent and realistic solutions to this problem, both in-house and track-side.

Motorsport Regulations Compilation

We can provide expert advice to race organisers wherever needed in order construct a set of fair and robust regulations.

Motorsport Regulations Optimisation

We can provide guidance to competitors on how to maximise the competitive advantage within a given set of Motorsport regulations.

Motorsport Regulations Testing

We have considerable experience in the testing and validation of Motorsport regulations, having worked with MSV, Lotus Cup Europe, Lotus on Track etc for many years. Acting as an independent expert, we are able to assist the race series organisers and scrutineers to ensure fair play.

“We’re absolutely delighted that TDI (Torque Developments International) will be continuing their valued support of all three LOTRDC run race series in 2012. Having been at the heart of policing all three Lotus series in 2011: the all new Lotus Cup UK Championship, the hugely successful Lotus Cup Europe and the Elise Trophy it’s important that we have continuity in the way regulations and especially power are policed. Over the last four years TDI have gained a reputation amongst the Lotus Motorsport fraternity for their knowledge, accuracy and professionalism to a point where they are recognised as the experts at not just producing a level playing field for drivers who want to compete but at mapping cars for performance and reliability something that is becoming more important with the longer races Lotus Cup UK in particular is providing. We look forward to working alongside TDI for Lotus Cup UK and the Elise Trophy in 2012. While Lotus Motorsport are also looking forward to again working with TDI for Lotus Cup Europe as series that is owned by Group Lotus, policed by Lotus Motorsport and run on their behalf by LoTRDC.”
Endorsement by Paul Golding of Lotus Cup Europe
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