Dynamic Crankshaft Balancing


Here’s a link to a Ford Mustang V8 crankshaft being balanced.

High accuracy dynamic crankshaft balancing is a core competency of Torque Developments International. Having been involved in high-level Motorsport racing engines since the early ’80’s, we understand the need to reduce vibration in order to produce maximum performance and reliability.

Crankshaft and rotating assembly imbalances result in vibrations which become worse as the engine speed increases. These unwanted vibrations can cause an increase in main bearings wear, and form part of the group of parasitic losses which is an energy that is more useful when converted to kinetic energy (ie torque output). The engines also feel and sound much better when balanced properly!

Most other companies that offer balancing services use a tolerance of 4 grams for road engines, and 2 grams for race engines. There’s nothing wrong with that but in our pursuit of excellence, our target is less than 1 gram! We  also dynamically balance flywheels, clutch covers, front pulleys etc, and statically balance pistons and connecting rods.

For our dynamic crankshaft balancing service, we have a full set of bob-weights so are also able to balance V configuration engines as well as the normal in-line engines.

We are able to offer this service by mail-order, while you wait (by appointment), or we can do the full installation for you.

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