3.0 Duratec Dry Sump Kit



3.0 Duratec Dry Sump Kit

If like us you’ve suffered with oil surge on your Mondeo or Noble, you’ll be glad to know that this dry sump kit is available to eliminate that problem. Here are some of the advantages over a wet sump:

  • Improved engine reliability due to consistent oil pressure. This is the reason why dry-sumps were invented.
  • Increased oil capacity by using a large external reservoir, that would be impractical in a wet-sump system.
  • Prevention of the engine experiencing oil-starvation during high g-loads, which is particularly useful in racing cars, high performance sports cars. Dry-sump designs are not susceptible to the oil movement problems from high cornering forces that wet-sump systems can suffer where the force of the vehicle cornering can cause the oil to pool on one side of the oil pan, possibly uncovering the oil pump pickup tube and causing cavitation and loss of oil pressure.
  • Improvements to vehicle handling and stability. The vehicle’s center of gravity can be lowered by mounting the engine lower in the chassis due to a shallow sump profile. A vehicle’s overall weight distribution can be modified by locating the external oil reservoir away from the engine.
  • Improved oil temperature control. This is due to increased oil volume providing resistance to heat saturation, the positioning of the oil reservoir away from the hot engine, and the ability to include cooling capabilities between the scavenger pumps and oil reservoir and also within the reservoir itself.
  • The ability to release gasses trapped in the oil from piston ring blow-by and the action of the crankshaft and other moving parts in the oil, then return these gases via a line from the top of the oil reservoir to the combustion chamber.
  • Improved pump efficiency to maintain oil supply to the engine. Since scavenge pumps are typically mounted at the lowest point on the engine, the oil flows into the pump intake by gravity rather than having to be lifted up into the intake of the pump as in a wet-sump. Furthermore, scavenge pumps can be of a design that is more tolerant of entrapped gasses than the typical pressure pump, which can lose suction if too much air mixes into the oil. Since the pressure pump is typically lower than the external oil tank, it always has a positive pressure on its suction regardless of cornering forces.
  • Increased engine horsepower due to reduced viscous and air friction. In a wet-sump engine the crank shaft and other moving parts splash through the oil at thousands of RPM causing a “hurricane that whips the oil in a wet-sump engine into an aerated froth like a milkshake in a blender”. Additionally, in a wet-sump, each revolution generates minute amounts of parasitic power loss caused by viscous drag and air drag (or “windage’) as the parts move rapidly through the oil and air in the lower engine. At high RPM these small sources of drag compound dramatically, resulting in significant power loss. In a dry-sump, the scavenger pump removes the oil and therefore the source of viscous friction, but also creates an air vacuum that significantly reduces air-friction, thus freeing the moving parts of much viscous and air friction and allowing engine power output to increase.
  • Having the pumps external to the engine makes them easier to maintain or replace.

Made in the US by ARE Dry Sump Systems who have been producing high quality oil control systems since 1974. The Ford 3.0 Duratec Dry Sump Kit includes the following components:

  • Dry sump pan with integral pump mount and screen fittings
  • 3 stage dry sump pump
  • Pump mounting bolt kit
  • 3 bolt mandrel  for crank drive pulley mounting
  • Crank pulley adaptor
  • Pulley drive kit
  • 9 litre dry sump tank
  • Oil tank mounting brackets
  • Atmospheric can
  • Remote oil filter mounting
  • Oil feed adaptor plate

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