AUDI S4 Custom Remap



AUDI S4 Custom Remap – HP Tuners ECU Upgrade

AUDI S4 models catered for:

  • S4 3.0L TFSI (B8) (SIMOS 8.4) 2009 to 2010
  • S4 3.0L TFSI (B8.5) (SIMOS 8.5) 2011 to 2016

Please notice that this is a licence than enables the factory ECU to be tuned, and it is a works-service item that must be performed by us. Please note that the cost of the custom tuning/mapping  is additional and varies from car to car so please contact us to discuss!

Having had considerable experience – over 35 years – in Motorsport and Fast Road applications, everything from blueprinting engines to calibrating them to last flat-out for 24 hours at LeMans, we bring this expertise to the Audi tuning world.

The HP Tuners ECU upgrade licence enables the stock ECU to be calibrated for optimum performance and reliability.

Unlike most other tuners who use generic maps, we custom tune each application on our Rototest chassis dyno ensuring that parameters such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, camshaft timing, torque strategies, RPM limits, exhaust valve control, gear shift points and pressures etc are correctly optimised for full-throttle performance, and post-dyno road-testing to ensure that the drivability cycles and throttle response is perfect.

Worried about the tuning process? Don’t be! Our exert Master Tech’s have years of experience at the very highest levels including F1 and Lemans, and actually teach at the Academy of Motorsport Sciences which is fully accredited and world-famous, and our dyno cell is one of the best in the UK being fully soundproofed and ventilated having a complete change of air every 10 seconds.

For those interested in reading, editing and writing ECU files, HPS Tuners offers the MPVI2 which can be reviewed and purchased here

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