Cold Air Intake Box FK8



Cold Air Intake Box FK8

Carbon Cold Air Intake Kit
【Carbon Cold Air Intake Kit】

Carbon Cold Air Intake Kit

Combination of carefully crafted carbon cold air intake box and high performance Racing Suction intake adds a premium touch to engine bay and significantly improves quality of air supply to the engine. Carbon intake box is an effective protection from hot air around the engine. Constant supply of fresh air during driving helps to decrease intake temperature.

  • Dry Carbon Cold Air Intake Box for exquisite and sporty look
  • Polished Aluminum Piping to replace stock rubber hose and further improve air flow


VehicleModelEngineModel YearKitCode No.ManualRemarks
CIVIC TYPE RFK8K20C17/09 -22/09Dry Carbone Intake Box70026-AH008pdfIntake box only. Only for vehicles with racing suction. 6BA-FK8 not confirmed. For 70020-AH109 or 70020-AH110.


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