Cosworth RB25 RB26 Main Bearings Size 2 PR9655



Cosworth RB25 RB26 Main Bearings Size 2 PR9655

Engine bearings are one of the most vital components within an engine and are often overlooked when considering high performance upgrades. Performance engineered, multi-layer bearings generate less heat than normal bearings by reducing friction. Cosworth Race bearing sets feature a unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering to deliver what drivers expect from high performance Tri-Metal engine bearings.

Cosworth is a world leader with a prestigious reputation built on over five decades of excellence, innovation and collaboration.
The group delivers high performance technologies to a diverse range of industries using its capabilities in mechanical and electronic engineering and precision manufacturing.

Cosworth employs its motorsport-inspired engineering and manufacturing capabilities to improve vehicle and driver performance.


The group supplies electronics and powertrain products and engineering services  to high performance vehicle manufacturers, motorsport teams and performance enthusiasts around the world.


Cosworth was founded in 1958. With headquarters in Northampton, UK, the group has a globally-recognised brand and employs staff across Europe and the USA.

Cosworth has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance engines and related products and components.

Cosworth is world-renowned for its expertise in delivering extremely high power density and overall performance without sacrificing reliability – not only in engines for motorsports but also for performance road vehicles.

Our engineers achieve unparalleled power density through a combination of unique engineering and engine design intellectual property, experience in supercharging and turbocharging, lightweight materials and specialist solutions such as coatings.

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