DCT Transmission Cooler Kit


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SSP BMW DCT Transmission Cooling Package
SSP Performance is introducing the highest quality DCT transmission cooler on the market with more than a year of testing. The wait is finally over! You can rest assured that this cooling package has been put thru the paces. Extensive testing has been done in the highest heat environments in ASIA. While running 40 minute track sessions of 500+ whp, BMW M3’s transmission fluid temps never reached more than 220F.

*Also compatible with the 2008-13 M3,135i, 335iS, E90/E92 with the DCT transmission*


CNC Custom Billet Pan w/Baffles
Setrab High Flow Cooler
2)Custom Mounting Brackets
400 CFM High Speed Fan
3)High Flow -8AN Hoses
Stealth Black 3 GMP Gear Pump
4)ORB Washer
2)22mm Banjo Bolts
2)22mm Banjos
2)90 Degree Fittings
Custom Wiring Harness with Relay (Optional)
Miscellaneous Bolts and Hardware

M3 DCT Dual-Pass Transmission Cooler

The VFE E9X M3 power transmission cooler for DCT and 6-speed transmissions is the ultimate cooling solution to address high transmission fluid temperatures often seen during track use. Design is a true drop-in fit that requires absolutely zero modification to install. This race-performance engineered component utilizes efficient AC condenser manufacturing technology to deliver a cooler that is 30% more efficient than the OEM unit.

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