Evo X HKS GT3-RS Sports Turbine



Evo X HKS GT3-RS Sports Turbine – 11994-AM006


Code No. 11004-AM006


Evo X HKS GT3-RS Sports Turbine



“GT III Turbine” is a new generation of turbo combining MHI brand CHRA with HKS original housings designed from the long term know-how HKS has accumulated over many years.




  • Renowned high efficiency MHI CHRA for the center cartridge
    Recent requirements towards fuel efficiency and emissions control has accelerated the development of turbo technology and this has been adapted for tuning. A high efficiency unit with high boost at low air flow ranges whilst preventing surging is realized.
  • HKS Original Vehicle Specific Housing
    HKS designed housings which utilize the technology, experience and know how built up over many years of turbo charger innovation. Optimal design which minimizes surging is realized through “Made in Japan” manufacturing quality with domestic made casts machined and finished within HKS facilities specifically for 4B11 engine.
  • High Versatility
    The combination of the ultimate turbine blades and its optimal housing creates an amazingly versatile turbo. High output, high response turbo tends to suffer with surging. GTIII Turbine minimizes surging making it an easy to use unit with flexibility of setup. Whilst this is a thrust bearing type turbo, high response compatible with ball bearing setup has been achieved.




performance graph



■Test Vehicle

  • Displacement: 2,000cc
  • HKS Piston, Con’rod, Head Gasket
  • F-CON V Pro, EVC
  • Super Turbo Muffler, Metal Catalyzer



■Kit Parts

  • GT III-RS Turbocharger Assy (Actuator included.)
  • Gasket, Bolt, etc.




  • Modification of factory parts is required.
  • Upgrading the injector, fuel pump, other engine parts are required based on the boost pressure and engine output setting.
  • The graph shows the results of in-house test. The actual results may vary depending on test condition, measurement instrument, vehicle’s individual characteristic, and/or specification.




VehicleModelEngineModel YearTypeTurbine SizeBoost PressureCode No.ManualRemarks
LANCER EVOLUTION XCZ4A4B1107/10 –GT III SPORTS TURBINE KITGT III-RS78.5kPa (0.8kgf/cm2)11004-AM006pdfwith enhanced actuator

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