R35 HKS GT1000+ Kit 11003-AN015



R35 HKS GT1000+ Kit 11003-AN015


for R35 GT-R



R35 HKS GT1000+ Kit



Concept and Features:

This kit is a part of family of Symmetric layout HKS R35 Full Turbine Kits. It utilizes ball bearing turbines and produces powerful strong high end and great response.



Kit includes:

  • GTII 8267 and GTII 8267R turbines
  • Specialy developed suction pipe and chamber pipe to improve intake efficiency
  • Heat resistant cast steel exhaust manifold
  • Compact and light GTII wastegates to precisely regulate boost




Please note that installation requires engine removal.
Products such as Fuel Pumps, Injectors, F-CON, EVC, Engine parts are not included in the kit.
Wastegates are shipped precalbrated at approximately 90-100kPa.
This kit requires modification of stock water pipe and turbocharger heat insulator.
This product is designed for race/motorsport application only. HKS is not responsible for any damage to vehicle’s engine, transmission or other parts.
This product may void dealer warranty.



performance graph



Test vehicle:

  • Capacity upgrade kit(4.3L)
  • HKS STEP 2 Camshafts
  • HKS Intercooler
  • Upgraded fuel pump and injectors
  • HKS EVC6-IR 2.4 (240kPa boost)
  • Max Power: 1204ps (885.5kW)/7410rpm
  • Max Torque: 151.0kgf/m (1480 N/m)/4560rpm




VehicleModelEngineModel YearTypeTurbo KitTurbine SizeBoost PressureCode No.ManualRemarks
GT-RR35VR38DETT07/12 –GT1000+ FULL TURBINE KITGT-FTKGTII 8267 & GTII 8267R88.3kPa (0.9kgf/cm2)11003-AN015Box Sizes(mm) (Weight): #1: 685x270x270 (14kg), #2: 1160x460x290 (34.5kg)

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