HKS Stopper Type Head Gasket – 1.2mm Thickness


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Metal Head Gasket for LANCER EVOLUTION X 4B11. Stopper and bead portions were designed to seal properly under high pressure. In order for adjustment of the compression ratio, 3 types of thickness 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm are available, all with a bore measurement of 87.5mm. Stock replacement part is 1.2mm thickness. This product can be used not only for performance enhancement but also for adjustment of compression ratio with machining of cylinder head during overhaulling. Stopper portion of bore sealing was specially designed
– It was tested at more than Horsepower 500PS, Torque 58kgm on a test bench and was also tested in circuit racing and time attack with Japanese test cars. Since the 4B11 has a semi closed deck block, this gasket does not have an independent water hole design unlike the design for the 4G63. Please note that reinforced cylinder head bolts are recommended for high power engines.


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