Link G5 Voodoo ECU



Link G5 Voodoo ECU

Key Features

G5 Voodoo Pro Clear SML
  • Control up to 12 cylinders sequentially
  • Access up to 30 auxiliary pins
  • 14 analogue / 10 digital inputs
  • DI Features, including DI Pump Control
  • 2 on-board wideband controllers
  • Dual Knock Control
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • GPS Logging

Technical Specs


  • Control any engine with 2 cylinders, all the way up to 12 cylinders, thanks to:
    • 12 injector pins
    • 8 ignition pins
    • 4 injector/ignition dual role pins
  • Access up to 30 auxilary pins (when setup for a 4-cylinder sequential engine):
    • 8 dedicated auxiliary pins
    • 4 shared e-throttle/H-Bridge pins
    • 2 shared wideband heater pins
    • Up to 16 from spare injector and ignition drives
  • Any unused injector/ignition pins can be used as an auxiliary pin
  • All ignition and auxiliary pins are back feed protected.
  • 14 analog inputs
  • 10 digital inputs
  • 4 temperature inputs
  • Dual knock inputs
  • 2 trigger inputs
  • Dedicated ignition switch pin
  • 2 x internal wideband lambda controllers
  • Dual e-throttle, with internal solid state throttle disconnect relays
  • 5v sensor supply
  • CAN 1 input now supported via CAN connector


  • USB-C (cable included)
  • Connect directly to the ECU via built-in Wifi Access Point, or add it to an existing network (Antenna Included)
  • Dual CAN (CAN 1 on CAN connector, CAN 2 on header E)
  • GPS (antenna included)


  • 512MB logging capacity
  • Ultra High Speed (250 Channels of Logging, up to 1kHz per channel, up to 100kSamples/s in total)
  • GPS Logging – up to 50Hz

Size & Weight

Length:177.1 mm
(6.97 inches)795 g (28 ounces)Width:Min Side Height:Max Side Height15.5 mm
(0.61 inches)137.3 mm
(5.40 inches)40.2 mm
(1.58 inches)Weight:


G5 Comms SML
G5 Angle SML

The G5 Voodoo Pro supports the following comms standards:

  • USB-C
  • Wi-Fi
  • CAN
  • GPS

It is now possible to connect to your ECU using a standard USB-C cable, or alternatively by using WiFi.

You can now access CANBUS 2 via its own dedicated pins in Header E freeing up two Digital Inputs.

GPS connectivity can be initialised by simply adding a GPS antenna.

In The Box

Here’s everything that will come in the box with the G5 Voodoo Pro

Box contents


 G5 Voodoo Pro ECU


 USB-C Connection Cable


 Wi-Fi Antenna


 GPS Antenna


 USB-C and SMA Dust Covers


 QuickStart Guide (A5)


 Installer I/0 Table (A3)


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