Racing Suction


Code No. 70020-AZ108


The most powerful intake system carefully designed to fit engine room of a vehicle. HKS Racing Suction pushes air intake system efficiency to the limits.

Application Chart

Stealth frame is redesigned!

“Hyper Stealth Frame” exceeds the performance of previous Super Stealth frame.
Increasing air intake surface area by 27% improves air intake efficiency.

redesigned stealth frame

Bold white HKS logo printed on black anodized back plate accentuates the engine bay!

The outer edge of the funnel is securely fixed to the aluminum back plate. Use of aluminum significantly improves rigidity and durability. Alumite process improves surface of the funnel and also provides a sleek black look.

black anodized back plate

Real sports



Vehicle specific suction pipe design.
Angle and length of pipe enhance the induction efficiency.
It is effective for quick response for NA engines and higher performance for turbocharged engines.


With stock suction system, induction air hit to corrugated portion of hose and makes swirl and resistance. The specially designed pipe reduces corrugated portion and gap inside pipe to make air flow smoother.



  • Frame Support

    Frame Support
    Fits flexibly to aluminum back plate, securely fixes hyper stealth frame. It also serves as a guide for attaching the filter to the hemispherical surface, improving maintainability such as filter replacement.

  • Racing suction adopted wet two-layer type

    Racing suction adopted wet two-layer type
    The filter element is a wet 2-layer polyurethane form impregnated with a special high viscosity adhesive.
    Filter porosity is designed as large as possible to provide high air intake flow efficiency without sacrificing filtration ability.
    * Dry type three layer type exchange filter can also be used

  • Super Inner Frame

    Super Inner Frame
    The cross section of the inner frame is streamlined with 16 frames parabolically placed towards the center.
    Simple lightweight frame design provides smoother air flow.

  • Super Lip Funnel

    Super Lip Funnel
    The defining feature of HKS intake: “Super Lip Funnel”.
    Super Lip Funnel maximizes air intake surface area in the limited space in the engine bay and optimizes air intake efficiency.

HKS Racing Suction is a high efficiency air intake device and may cause irregularities in the engine work. HKS recommends considering a total tuning concept combining this product with a sport exhaust system and a suitable engine setting.

■Direct Throttle(Compressor)intake Mounting

Replacing all necessary parts between the HKS air cleaner assembly and the throttle (to the compressor housing on turbo cars) allows eliminating air intake restrictions and increasing air intake efficiency, providing a dramatic improvement in engine response and performance. Exclusively for some vehicles only, a direct type Super Power Flow air cleaner assembly is available. It provides a smooth air flow from the entrance point of the filter to the throttle valve.





As it is designed for OBD II Close-loop, increased horsepower is 2kW. However, re-setting of ECU is not required. It improves response of the engine and revolution is smooth at middle and high rpm range. As a result of optimized induction, the sound will be so comfortable. Buffing finished aluminum pipe will improve looking of the engine compartment.



  • Can be used without ECU reset because of OBD II feedback compatible system.
  • Racing Suction installation improves the power. From the mid to high rpm gives smooth exhaust. And because of the efficient improvent in air suction gives cool sound, too.
  • The aluminum work of the intake provide the beautiful and cool outlook in the engine room.




performance graph

━ StockPower : 120.9 kW
━ Racing SuctionPower : 122.9 kW

performance graph

━ StockTorque : 190.97 Nm
━ Racing SuctionTorque : 191.89 Nm

Specification  :  HKS LEGAMAX Premium


Test vehicle specification

  • Vehicle type: CBA-NCEC
  • Engine type: LF-VE
  • Other installed parts: LEGAMAX Premium, Super fire racing spark plug M40LF



Low/mid RPMRSBad12345Good


High RPMRSBad12345Good


Intake soundStockSmall12345Loud


Intake soundStockSmall12345Loud
During drivingRSSmall12345Loud







  • Racing Suction is a air cleaner device for a car engine. For the best super power flow filter performance, please change the filter regularly.
  • We recommend you to use a high temperature type spark plug because of the higher power with this product. Please change the spark plug for sure especially in the sport racing.
  • This product is made for a stock vehicles but for some cars, it might need to adjust in AFR, F-CON settings.




VehicleClassificationModelEngineModel YearStyleSizeCode No.ManualRemarks
ROADSTERCBA-, DBA-NCECLF-VE05/08 -15/04Racing SuctionΦ200-100/Red70020-AZ108Not tested on 5MT 08/12-

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