Mercedes AMG 215 Axle Wavetrac LSD 48.309.185WK


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Mercedes AMG 215 Axle Wavetrac LSD 48.309.185WK for models AMG E55/63 W211, AMG E63 W212, AMG C63 W204, AMG SL65 R320 >2004, AMG SLK55 R171.

The new Wavetrac® is a helical-gear limited-slip differential, but unlike other gear differentials,
the Wavetrac® was designed from a clean sheet using state-of-the-art knowledge and
engineering to be a better differential than any other.
Better technology. Better performance. Better quality.
• Enhanced No-Load Bias Ratio via Special Wave Mechanism
• Interchangeable Friction/Bias Plates
• Designed & Manufactured in the USA
• Case-Hardened Billet Steel Housings and High Quality 9310 Steel Gears
• Assembled Exclusively using ARP® High Strength Fasteners
• Limited LIFETIME Warranty
The Wavetrac® differential uses a patent pending design to improve grip in low traction
conditions. Unlike any other helical gear diff on the market, the Wavetrac®’s behavior can also be
fine-tuned in the field with optional components.
The Wavetrac® Differential will give you quicker acceleration and faster cornering by driving both
drive wheels instead of just one. And, it offers improved no-load performance when compared to
other helical gear differentials on the market.

Simply put – Wavetrac is the only gear diff on the market that does not lose all drive when one axle is unloaded. Axles become unloaded in aggressive driving, track cornering, extremely slick surfaces, etc. It happens more than most people realise.

We won’t go into torque bias ratios or the concept of how torque biasing diffs work at this point. Let’s get to how the Wavetrac affects performance:

For example, you have a conventional gear diff (OEM, Quaife, MF, OBX, Truetrac, Torsen, etc.), you’re on a race track for a track day and during cornering your inside wheel bumps over the curbing. This is normal for track driving. The issue is that for the brief moments your inside tire becomes unloaded when bouncing over curbs, your other wheel is not getting drive – is not putting power down. Gear diffs need load on both axles in order to function. The result on a track (or during aggressive driving) is that there are many times when a normal gear diff supplies only intermittent power to the gripping wheel.

Now, same track with Wavetrac: the patented cam device in the Wavetrac prevents loss of drive when that inside wheel is unloaded. The device is able to generate a load inside the diff (to replace the lost load as it happens) that can then be biased to the gripping wheel – in the end making more consistent power delivery through a corner. That makes the car more predictable, and faster overall.

Other benefits:

  • Patented Carbon Fibre Bias Plate for the pinions. All other gear type LSDs run the pinions on the housing, meaning the friction from 0 miles is different to 100 miles, thus effectiveness is reduced over the life of the diff. With the Wavetrac performance is consistent with the Carbon Fibre bias plates!
  • Patented Wave Profile eliminates the effect of a near to and zero load condition drive ability issues found in all other gear type ATB LSDs.
  • ARP Bolts used throughout for superior faster reliability.
  • 9310 steel gears run in billet or forged steel bodies.
  • Manufactured & Designed in the USA

WAVETRAC: Smooth is Fast

The beauty of the Wavetrac is that it is ideally suited to high performance road cars that see track use. It is very strong, yet transparent to both driver and traction control electronics during regular driving. On the track or in spirited road use, it provides drive to both wheels without the handling issues that traditional clutch type diffs create (there is no tendency to push/understeer with a Wavetrac).

The Wavetrac outperforms other gear type differentials because unlike them, it won’t lose drive when one axle is unloaded (which happens more often than you’d think).

Lastly, one of the most underrated benefits of the Wavetrac is its smooth delivery of power near the limit. Its patented design makes for a very predictable, smooth addition of power when you need it most – when things are at their limits: on the edge of traction mid-corner and using throttle to keep it there; or coming into a corner a little hot, but quickly back on it to maintain exit speed…

These situations are often subjective to the driver, but the benefit can be felt. The Wavetrac makes you faster because it lets you drive with confidence. Smooth is fast.

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