Porsche 996 Turbo Wagner Intercooler



Porsche 996 Turbo Wagner Intercooler

Porsche 996 Turbo Wagner Intercooler. The Performance Charge Air Cooler Upgrade Kit for Porsche 911 Turbo (S) 996:

Porsche 996 911Turbo 309KW/420PS (2000-2006)
Porsche 996 911Turbo S 331KW/450PS (2004-2006)

Intercoolers are a critical component to any turbocharger installation! The cooler the temperature of the intake air – the denser it is – the more oxygen it carries – the more performance it will give, so it’s very important to have maximum adiabatic efficiency!

However, big is not always better because we must also consider air-flow efficiency. The bigger the intercooler core – the more restriction to airflow it will have – giving a greater pressure drop – leading to lower boost pressure = less performance!

So, it is crucial to have adequate intercooler core volume to dissipate the heat, and with flow-bench/CFD designed flow path to minimise pressure drop.

The Performance high-performance charge air coolers have the following mains dimensions (355mm x 220mm x 90mm = 7,029cm3) and thus offer 17% more charge air volume compared to the original charge air cooler.

The high-performance performance network offers very good cooling properties. The weight of the charge air cooler is 2x 5.7kg. In CAD developed free-form end-series made of cast aluminium for the best possible internal air flow. Overall, these charge air coolers have less back pressure than the serial cooler.

In addition, all our charge air coolers have an anti-corrosion coating with thermal conductive properties. This guarantees optimal cooling with a significant increase in performance. Completely ready-to-install kit, easy to replace with standard charge air coolers – including silicone hoses and aluminium adapters. Up to 6 bar tested and pressure-stable. All our products are subject to continuous qualitative monitoring.


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