TEIN MonoSport Suspension System toyota Supra MK4 GST60-71SS3


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TEIN have been finding new ways to have one of the best suspensions in the market for a very reasonable price. Starting in 2014 TEIN will be releasing two variations of the MonoSport – The MONO SPORT and the MONO SPORT TOURING Coilovers. Both lines will carry the newly designed Upright Strong Tube for strut type suspensions. With this newly design, it reduces friction using a revised internal lubrication method. With this design they are able to have the click assembly for the dampening force adjustment on the top, making the adjustments or installation of the optional EDFC/EDFC Active much easier. The system still offers the 16 levels of compression and rebound together, but now it is equipped with exclusively-designed “ADVANCE M.S.V.” With the use of “ADVANCE M.S.V.”, damping force adjustable range is made about three times wider, yet superior damping force characteristics are maintained in all parts to improve steering response, road ability and traction performance.For cars often running on circuit, the settings are focused more on sport driving.
MONO SPORT offers not only the precise steering feel that strongly appeals to sport-minded drivers, but also the flexible movement. MONO SPORT is set up to let the drivers enjoy the runs on circuits and/or winding roads and everyday driving on streets with the damping force adjusted.

Mono tube structure of MONO SPORT completely separates the oil chamber and the gas chamber and hence aeration does not occur. This enables stable generation of linear damping force, reacting to the finest changes in road surfaces, even when running aggressively and repeatedly on circuits. With this, superior-quality MONO SPORT offers capability for the most delicate control of the vehicle and for the deepest level of communication with the roads.

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