Academy of Motorsport Sciences Lecture to IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry)

academy of motorsport sciences lecture to imi  

Managing Director Mark Catchpole of Torque Developments International and the Academy of Motorsport Sciences was asked to give a lecture to members of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), a venerable organisation since the early 1900’s comprising of industry professionals from around the world.

The lecture was entitled “Fundamentals of Improving the Performance of 4 Stroke Internal Combustion Engines”, which sought to deconstruct how engines produce propulsion, where the wastage lies and how to mitigate that, and how to improve Volumetric Efficiency in order to produce more torque.

The event was well attended by seasoned professionals, and Mark Catchpole was able to impart the first-hand information and anecdotes from his 30+ years of experience in this field.

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