Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems   Akrapovic Exhaust Systems   Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic is the leading manufacturer of premium exhaust systems for performance cars and motorcycles, and also a leader in the manufacture of carbon fibre components and the innovative use of titanium.

Founded in 1990, Akrapovic has grown into a modern companys with 500 staff and a state of the art 133,000m3 production facility, all designed to provide the very highest quality lightweight exhaust systems that money can buy.

Innovative Design: Akrapovic is recognised as being the leader in exhaust system design so set the standard right down to the tail pipes.

Research, Development and Testing: Akrapovic invests heavily in R&D. The best people, new materials, new technology and new processes ensure that new innovative products are continually developed.

Pure Power: All Akrapovic exhaust systems are designed to provide the very highest levels of performance.

Unmistakable Sound: Akrapovic exhaust systems have a unique and distinctive sound that has been carefully tuned for each application to reach just the right deep purposeful note at the right time.

The Best Materials: Titanium heat-resistant alloys are used for all the key parts of the exhaust system, and austenitic stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Advanced Technology: Akrapovic is a pioneer in developing and using new technology to bring real benefits to the driver.

Akrapovic exhaust systems are available in two variants; the Slip-On line and the Evolution line, with the former normally being a replacement rear section that fits the OEM exhaust system. Depending on the application it will be made from either titanium or stainless steel and normally carry EC type approval.

The range of Akrapovic exhaust systems can be seen here:

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