PWR Cooling UK

PWR cooling uk

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Famous for the design and quality of high-performance heat-exchangers used at the very highest levels of Motorsport, we now offer these PWR products:

  • Intercoolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Transmission coolers
  • Engine radiators
  • Universal heat-exchangers

PWR has a large range of existing heat exchange components regarding tube styles, fins, turbulators , etc, which enables the company to offer many configurations of heat exchangers. PWR has a full-time wind tunnel testing division that can test core configurations in a real-world environment. PWR’s General Manager of Engineering Matthew Bryson states, “PWR definitely has a distinct competitive advantage by having access to its own in-house wind tunnel. By varying air velocity and coolant flow rate we can provide the customer with real-world results in terms of heat transfer, coolant pressure drop, and airside pressure drop that is specific to customers’ requirements”

PWR also recognizes the radiator as more than just a heat exchanger when in a race car environment. “In many formulas of racing the heat exchanger’s weight and aerodynamic characteristics have a huge impact on the performance of the vehicle”, says Matthew. PWR takes all of these factors into consideration when working with its customers in the design process. By engineering, different tube styles with multiple fin styles and densities (potentially within the same core) PWR’s engineers are able to tune the performance characteristics of its heat exchangers. This allows them to maximize the downforce, drag or pressure drops to the customer’s requirements as well as provide the necessary cooling. “For example, weight and drag reduction is a significant factor in open-wheel categories, but in applications such as NASCAR, building air pressure in front of the radiator can create opportunities assisting downforce,” says Bryson.

The extensive R&D program is not limited to in-house testing. PWR cooling solutions also get comprehensive on-track testing with some of the world’s leading race teams, which helps validate its internal research and drives continual improvement of its products for the benefit of its technology partners and customers. Performance and reliability are critical to the success of a race team at the highest level.

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