Camshaft Testing

Camshaft Testing

Here at Torque Developments International we merge Craftsmanship skills with Science. The latest addition to our technical capabilities is a new scientific quality camshaft analyser.

We’re able to digitally analyse camshaft profiles for the following parameters:

  • Camshaft lift
  • Duration
  • Lobe separation
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Asymmetry
  • Seating velocity
  • Minimum tappet diameter required
  • Lobe runout

camshaft testing


The camshaft analyser can also directly input data into our Engine Analyser software to more accurately determine the performance trends of an engine package.

In additional to our camshaft testing and analysis, our facilities also include airflow test rig, dynamic crankshaft balancing, hub mounted chassis dynamometer, CNC milling, ECU calibration, and general machine shop processes.

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