Escort RS Cosworth ECU Tuning

To read our blog on this Escort Cosworth upgrade build process, please see here

In a departure from conventional “chipping” methodologies that most Tuners tend to use, we quickly identified the Autronics stand alone ECU as being a suitable solution four our purposes.

The Autornic SM4 is highly regarded in the world of professional motorsport as being a very capable and robust ECU solution with the following features:

    • Sequential fuel injector control at speeds of up to 30,000rpm
    • Comprehensive speed density load sensing, along with exhaust manifold pressure sensing to calculate the true delta pressure accross the cylinder head, enabling very fast and accurate digital assessment of fuel and ignition under dynamic conditions.
    • Excellent peak and hold control of low impedence injectors.
    • Fully sequential ignition control (cylinder by cylinder compensation).
    • Closed loop wide band lambda feedback with 3D target tables.
    • Exhaust gas temperature monitoring with closed loop feedback control.
    • Closed loop boost control with 3D target tables.
    • Traction control
    • Launch control
    • Over-run boost enhancement (anti-lag).

Here you can see the direct fire “coil on plug” system we’ve used which are more powerful and robust than the OE products:

snc11936-small  snc11938-small  snc11937-small